Market Analysis

Our specialists analyze the providers for new rates, and technologies  that are right for your business. We take the required services established during the cost recovery step out into the market place to query existing and potential providers for new rates. By querying existing and potential providers, we find out which providers, rates, and services will work for your business while saving you money. We  will work with you through the Request for Pricing (RFP) process. Let us do the negotiating for you.

Finding the best way to save


• Query existing and potential providers

• Compare and contrast technology options

• Generate RFP

• Negotiate contractual terms and conditions

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Cloud computing features

• Voice as a Service
• Cloud Computing

• Cloud Storage

• Hosted Exchange & Email Archiving

• Desktop as A Service

Carrier Service Types

• Pots
• Contrex
• Audio & Web Conferencing

• Long Distance

• FIBER/Ethernet

• Internet/DSL
• Point to Point
• Web Conferencing
• Mobility


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