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Some of the benefits of rTEM services through Warner Telecomm include cost prevention, proactive mobile management, security benefits, workforce optimizations, and proven ROI. Real-time monitoring captures in-month events such as roaming or plan overages, and allows IT to prevent these costs from occurring by providing the end user with valuable information. The telecom manager has 100% visibility into and control over the budget, every day.



• Proactive cost management 
 Helps to eliminate billing surprises through real-time device monitoring and notification of data, voice, SMS, and roaming usage.


• Policy enforcement and monitoring

 Increases control and reduce costs through monitoring and enforcement of device policies. rTEM alerts users and administrators of roaming usage, projected cost overages  and changes in usage patterns.


• Increased cost visibility
rTEM can be used to audit bills from virtually all carrier billing systems and for all of today's leading mobile device platforms.


 • 24/7  access to usage data

manage expenses using a cloud-based solution that provides round-the-clock, real-time data.


• Plan Optimization

rTEM enables the optimization and management of multiple international plan types with easy creation and administration of new or custom plans.


• Roaming Control

rTEM alerts users to roaming usage and tracks roaming, data, voice, and SMS usage on their device. In addition, administrators have 24/7 access to roaming and usage information for any number of mobile devices, from each single device or an entire fleet of mobile devices.


• End User Alerting & Audit Trail

rTEM provides alerts based on plan threshold limits and tracks these alerts and user responses in an audit trail, documenting user actions related to the alerts.


 • Mobile Policy Enforcement

Based on configurable business rules and thresholds,  rTEM can automatically close data-intensive applications and turn off device radios when usage exceeds plan limits or when devices are roaming internationally.


 • Interface Monitoring

rTEM tracks the usage of all available interfaces on the device and generates reports on Wi-Fi vs.. Cellular usage, usage over time, and common SSID usage.


• Carrier System Integration rTEM

Collects all of a device's application usage data. For example, rTEM can monitor and display data, voice and SMS usage continuously or at scheduled intervals and synchronize usage data with corporate billing systems to verify actual usage is in alignment with carrier invoices. By comparing actual usage and plan data, rTEM can initiate plan change notifications that can further reduce or eliminate overage costs.


• Anomaly Detection

figured anomalies and then alerts users, administrators or carrier personnel of these anomalous events.


• Plan Status

rTEM can display a "plan status" icon on devices to provide a clear visual indication to the user about their usage compared to plan. The icon changes from green, to yellow, to red as thresholds and plan limits are reached, making users aware in real-time of device usage compared to carrier plan.


• GPS Tracking

rTEM combines a device's GPS data with a web-based tracking system for accurate device location tracking. Utilizing easily configured rules, users or businesses can log into a website and view current and past device locations.


 • rTEM Deployment

 1 Hour training on portal included


 • rTEM Threshold Database

User thresholds establishment included in base rate. Changes are subject to plan charges.


 • rTEM Alert Management

Includes proactive cost management, policy enforcement and monitoring, roaming control, 24/7 access to usage data, plan status, GPS tracking.




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