Pharmaceutical Research Company

A large global pharmaceutical company struggles with IT Services and Cost Management control after several large corporate acquisitions. The company described its environment as “a complete disaster” because they lacked the internal staffing resources to manage its telecom and IT spend. The company acknowledged that it needed clarity around its IT and telecom environments.

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Pharmaceutical Research Company
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The company met with four TEM solution providers to see which one could provide the best solution and ultimately the best working relationship. After months of vetting providers, it was apparent that they needed much more than a basic TEM software provider. What they needed was a firm the specialized in IT services and cost control management. They ultimately choose Warner Telecomm because they provided a partnership that could help provide actionable intelligence into their IT services and telecom spend. Warner Telecomm had the capacity to manage the workload while offering the best integration and customization available in the industry. Warner Telecomm fit all the requirements.


With the Warner Telecomm IT services and cost control management solution the company was able to automate and optimize processing and consolidate the invoices using Warner Telecomm business intelligence tools to visualize the data in its cloud based portal.


After a telecom audit, Warner Telecomm was able to decrease the telecom spend by almost 35% using its business intelligence tools with core machine-learning algorithm technology to solve the challenges and to better understand the company’s current network requirements to implement budgetary and network service consolidations.

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